terms & conditions.

 By using Rent With C services, you are in agreement to the following terms and conditions. If any of the following is broken by the renter, further action will be taken against the renter.

Rent With C reserves the right to alter these terms as conditions as we think necessary. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure they are aware of Rent With C's Terms and Conditions when confirming a booking. 

Rent With C is the legal owner of all garments.

All rentals must be worn by the person placing said order unless granted otherwise.

 All photos posted online of you featured in Rent With C garments can be reposted to our instagram account and website unless requested otherwise.

Fail to follow the agreement will result in you not being able to use the services.


As the renter it is your responsibility to look after your rental meaning if any stains, marks or damage is done to the dress while in your care you are liable to pay for repairs. If a garment is damaged beyond repair whilst in your care you are liable to replace the garment completely. This needs to be done immediately. Damage includes but is not limited to, burns, holes, stains, discolouration to a garment ( if any of the following cant be mended the renter is liable to replace the garment at its full RRP. A fee of %150 of the RRP will be charged for limited edition/ out of stock garments as these typically get rented the most due to their hard to find nature with not a-lot of companies stocking them. This is to make up for the loss of business from losing the garment.

If you damaging a rental results in the next customer/s lined up not being able to rent it, you are liable to pay for the cost of those future bookings to cover the loss of business as i will have to refund them. Rent With C is responsible for making this decision on whether a dress is damaged to a point of not being able to be worn by the next person. Minor markings/tears that can be fixed may be overlooked as this does not damage a garment significantly. These small imperfections will simply be disclosed to the next renter to inform them the dress may not be in perfect condition anymore. 

A $20 damage fee is to be paid for any rentals that are returned with excessive stains, tan, rips on top of covering the costs for any damage as this is extra time I am taking out of my schedule to further clean and fix the garment when it could have been prevented by the renter.

RWC VINTAGE - all rentals under the RWC VINTAGE collection are extremely valuable and priceless as they cannot be repurchased if damage were to occur. Please be sure to treat these with respect and care. In the case of damage, a fee will be charged to cover this decided by Casey. Each piece is worth different value and replacement for each item will range between $100 - $400. Please treat these with care to avoid fees!

Refunds/Store credit/Cancellations

We do not offer refunds or store credit for change of mind, if the garment doesn't fit you, or you simply don't need it anymore, please make sure you are 100% certain with your booking before you finalise it.

Store credit may be provided if your event is postponed/cancelled.

In cases where there is a fault on our end a decision to issue a refund/store credit will be made.


All payments are to be made in full, a booking is finalised when payment has been made. We offer pay later options such as after pay.

Try ons 

Try ons are based in Harrowfield, Hamilton at our studio and will run for 30 minutes. A booking must first be made via @rentwithc instagram DM or by contacting Casey via her contact number also found on instagram. You are welcome to bring friends with you. We do not offer postal try ons.


All postal orders are sent with overnight postage and a tracking number to ensure the most efficiency and safety of the garment. We post on a Wednesday and aim to have your garment to you by Thursday at the earliest and Friday at the latest. Although we do post on time and send all packages with overnight postage there is always a chance of delay when posting anything, we are not responsible for any delays this falls back on the courier company, postage is at your own risk. You will not be refunded if something doesn’t arrive on time, this is the risk you take when booking a postal rental.



It is extremely important to return your rental on time! All postal rentals must be sent back to the return address Monday to ensure that they arrive back in time to be sent to the next customer. You will receive a prepaid return courier bag with your rental, place your garment inside, seal it and drop it at your nearest post office over the counter before 3pm. local rentals need to be dropped back by Sunday or Monday at the latest no later than 6pm ( if you are renting during the week your rental needs to be returned or sent back the day after your event ).


If you return your rental more than 1 day late and reaches 2 full days of your rental being late - you will be charged the rental fee again, as this loses time in preparing the rental for sendoff to another customer.


Late Fees

A late fee of $20 per day will be charged for late returns. If your late return causes the next customer to miss out on booking you will also be responsible for paying the rental price on top of the late fee as this is a loss of business, this is why it is super important to return all rentals on time. Late fees are automatically invoiced through to the email you used when booking.

Lost Rentals 

All rentals need to be posted back the set date that was organised when you booked your rental, if a rental gets lost in transit i will contact the post office and open an investigation, if proof shows up that the garment was never posted you will be charged and have to pay the retail price of the dress so make sure you are returning your rentals on time! If you refuse to pay this further action will be taken and you will be banned from using the services.

Local Pickups

When picking up your rental booked as a 'local rental' you are expected to drop the rental back if you picked it up. You are NOT to post it back unless you have arranged otherwise with me prior to booking as i will need to include a returns bag in your order. Posting a dress back when it was marked as local can muck up a couple weeks worth of bookings for that specific garment and you will be liable to pay for any future bookings already made for this garment if your actions result in the garment not arriving back on time to get to those customers.

Please keep in mind that our garments are so loved and may not be in perfect condition, although please treat them as your own and wear them with love!

Please do not wash the garments yourself, we take care of that!

By Casey Overwater      June 24, 2024