how to book.

How to book your rental with Rent With C

If your event is taking place on the Weekend - (Friday,Saturday,Sunday) Please select the following dates.

Please select the day of your event until Monday. All rentals are posted on Tuesday and Wednesday with overnight courier ensuring it will reach you before your event. Monday is when it needs to be posted back or the last day to return your rental for local gals!

If your event is during the week, (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Please book your rental for the entire weekend before your event and one day after your event. This will ensure that no one books it the weekend before, as this could delay the process of getting it to you on time. Please leave a note in your order at checkout once you've done this just to confirm the day of your event so i can make sure you are getting it on time and there are no mix ups!

If your event is on a Thursday, book from Wednesday to Monday and direct message me to confirm that your event will be taking place on Thursday. I need to know so i can send your rental Monday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday to allow as much time as possible for it to reach you. Once again, please make use of the 'leave a note' feature at checkout to confirm which day your event is taking place.

Weekend Event

Event on Friday - Book Friday to Monday

Event on Saturday - Book Saturday to Monday

Mid Week Event taking place Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday - Book the entire weekend before until Wednesday - This will stop anyone from booking it over the previous weekend which could cause a delay in it reaching you on time. All week day rentals need to be sent/dropped back the next working day.

Weekday rentals - If you go to book a garment but can see that it is booked for the weekend before or after your midweek event please message us first to check if the turnover time will be enough to get the garment to you on time. If you are local this is usually possible, however with NZ suffering from major delays currently back to back POSTAL orders are sometimes affected. As per usual regardless, we are never responsible for postal delays, we do our part and cant change any muck ups caused by the postal services! 

Receiving your rental - Each customer is contacted through email or contact number depending on which you checked out with! You will receive an email with your tracking number to notify you that your order has been posted if you are a postal customer. if you are local, you receive an email Thursday or Friday to let you know your order is ready for you to collect along with instructions on where you will find your rental and where to return it. Late fees apply for late returns.

For any further info or questions you may have, please direct message me via email or instagram.