When do i book my garment for?

Book your garment for the DAY you are wearing it ( day of your event ) we use this date to judge when we should be sending out your rental to ensure it arrives asap.

How can i book a try on?

'Book now' button available on our site or instagram bio to book a try on.

When i come for a try on, can i take the garment with me straight away?

If you have come for a try on in the beginning of the week, no, as there are still other people coming for try ons that may want to try on that garment. If you come later in the week then you will most likely be able to take it with you straight after your try on.

What happens if i damage/stain a garment?

As stated in our terms and conditions, if you are to cause any damage to a garment while it is in your care you are liable to pay for repairs and if the garment is beyond repair you will need to replace it, this needs to be done immediately as it is a loss of business if we are down a garment.

Do i receive a return postage bag with my order?

Yes, this is included in the final price of your order if you require postage

Are rentals sent with overnight postage?


Where are you located?

Harrowfield, Hamilton , this is where try ons and pick ups are located

Do you offer postal try ons?


Do you offer refunds?

No, only if there is fault on our end

How long can i have the garment for?

You are to have the garment for the date you are wearing it then return/post back the next business day

What happens if i need the dress for longer than a day ( e.g, going away and need the garment for longer?

Yes, but this needs to be arranged through DM before making your booking to ensure that you book it for the correct amount of time on the website.

When is the cutoff date for postal rentals?

Wednesday before 3pm, is the cutoff for Saturday bookings.

Local rentals can be booked up until Friday afternoon.